Frequently Asked Questions

Before Using BeachGroomer

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Q. Will I need a DNR permit to use the BeachGroomer?

A.If you live in MN – Yes. All Untended Automated Weed Control Devices require a Minnesota DNR permit. The permit takes a few minutes to complete and is valid for three (3) years. Note: It can take up to two weeks to process so plan ahead. The BeachGroomer should be operating by Memorial weekend. If you plan to operate the BeachGroomer in another state, check with that state’s department of natural resources.

Q. What will I need to operate the BeachGroomer?

A. Electricity near your dock or area you want to treat.  Ideally a 20 amp outlet (110V) or 15 amp (220V) outlet. The BeachGroomer comes with 100 feet of hose so keep that in mind if you are installing an electrical box with an outlet. Your lawn pump should be located in a convenient place to operate your BeachGroomer.

Q. Is it difficult to assemble the BeachGroomer and are tools required?

A. No tools are required for assembly. The BeachGroomer can be assembled in a few minutes after referring to the assembly illustrations. The color coding makes it easy.

Using BeachGroomer

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Q. Do I have to remove the BeachGroomer whenever it is not being used?

A. No. The BeachGroomer can remain in the water throughout the weed growing season. However, it is recommended that the BeachGroomer not be running while children are swimming.

Q. How long do I run the BeachGroomer in each location?

A. Initially between two (2) and twelve (12) hours depending on the amount of bottom sediment and debris. You will be able to see the exposed sand after a few hours. After initially treating your entire permitted area a few hours a week is required to maintain your sandy beach.

Q. Can I run my lawn sprinklers and the BeachGroomer at the same time?

A. Yes, but the BeachGroomer will not have the power it would have running alone.

Q. If we have problems with our BeachGroomer who do we call?

A. The BeachGroomer was designed to be as trouble-free as possible. However, should a part become damaged or lost, contact your dealer or refer to the toll-free number on the BeachGroomer to order that part. Parts will be shipped promptly. If your BeachGroomer does not work the problem almost certainly lies with the lawn pump not delivering sufficient pressure.

Q. Can I share the BeachGroomer with a neighbor?

A. Yes. But, it is very important that if your state requires a permit, your neighbor needs a DNR permit too. If the BeachGroomer is being operated off your pump and treating the neighbor’s beach you could be in violation so please use in accordance with the law.

Q. Can the BeachGroomer remove existing weed growth?

A. Yes. But, to a limited degree. The BeachGroomer will give its best results when installing before significant weed growth. However, the BeachGroomer does have the ability to uproot weeds provided they are not too dense. Trial and error are required in this. situation. Some hand raking may be required to free the turning arms. Please dispose of weed parts properly.

Q. How much of my beach can I treat?

A. The DNR will determine this. In Minnesota, the maximum area allowed is a fifty (50) foot area along the shore with a maximum of 2,500 square feet of treated area. On lake lots that are less than 100 feet the maximum area is half the lot frontage. Example: A 75-foot lot will be allowed a maximum of 37 1/2 feet).


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Q. Are there any safety concerns when using the BeachGroomer?

A. No. The BeachGroomer runs off of water pressure from your lawn pump. You are pumping water out of the lake and back into the lake while powering the BeachGroomer. There is no electricity beyond your lawn pump. The BeachGroomer can remain in place while swimming or moved to the desired location. There are no sharp edges or protrusions on the BeachGroomer which could injure.

Q. Can I run the fountain while the children are swimming?

A. You should never allow children to swim or play around the BeachGroomer without adult supervision.The kids or you can play or float around the fountain. We recommend that you either move the BeachGroomer out of the way or that you convert your BeachGroomer to the fountain the only option as described in this manual.

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